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Sequel Review: "From Darkness Won"

This is a sequel review. You can also read my reviews of books one and two. Spoilers may lurk in this review for those who have not read the first two books. I'll see you next Friday!

The Short:

From Darkness Won
Blood of Kings Trilogy, Book 3

By: Jill Williamson

5/5 Stars

What: Achan must take his rightful place as king of all Er’Rets and banish Darkness from the land. Vrell must come to grips with the web of lies that she’s sown over the past year.

Recommended to those who like: Fantasy, sword fights, Christian, and have read books one and two.

The Long:

I’m always a little frightened to read the last book in a series. Sometimes, it’s because I don’t want to leave the characters. Other times, it’s because I’m afraid it just won’t be a fitting end for “people” who have meant so much to me in the hours I’ve known them.

From Darkness Won did not disappoint. The action is still well-paced and the character development is beautifully done. It really felt like a fitting end to the series.

I have to tip my hat to Ms. Williamson for the romance in this book, as it certainly isn’t your normal, recycled YA love triangle, which was refreshing. The characters felt authentic in their confused emotions and their ability to make difficult decisions.

While the end, in some ways, felt like it took quite some time to finish, I thought that it was well worth the extra pages. There are very few series that I have finished with such a profound sense of closure.

While I’m sad to leave Achan and his friends behind, I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Have you read this series? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. I haven't read this series, or anything by this author, but I think that I would like to at some point. I'm glad the romance doesn't feel recycled and cliched, and I'm glad the series finale wasn't a disappointment.

    So, I just wanted to apologize here. I was really happy to get your comment on my most recent post, but as I was reading it, my hands slipped on my iPod, and somehow the way I caught it must have pressed the delete comment button on my blogger dashboard and I am so sorry. :( I just wanted you to know so you didn't feel bad or think I was upset with your comment or something. It made me smile and I really appreciated it and I feel bad for accidentally deleting it.

    1. Thanks for the comment! And that's totally okay! My computer is a touch screen and I've done all sorts of weird things by accidentally clicking buttons I shouldn't whilts trying to brush dirt (or dog hair) off of my screen. I'm glad you caught your iPod!

  2. Ok, I just finished it and it was awesome!!! I actually almost hurt my eyes from staring at my screen all weekend, trying to finish it. I liked how Achan and Vrell got together and I liked the climax. Vrell still kind of annoyed me a little, but that was alright in the end because she really grew as a character and had a nice arc. I didn't know Christian fiction could be that good! Thanks for introducing me to them! (Also, I commenting on the second book but it said the comment had to be approved? So I'm not sure if it's been eaten by cyberspace or not.)

    1. If it's an older post, the blog files it a bit differently, so that's probably why you received the message. It came through, so no worries!

      Vrell annoyed me through most of book two and part of book three, so I understand the sentiment. I was also happy that they got together in the end, in spite of all their past obstacles. (I also liked how they had "real" obstacles--not just communication issues--that disrupted their relationship).

      Thanks for the comment!


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