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Veterinary nurse by day, writer and bibliophile by night. (Err...make that early evening, because I'm normally in bed before 10).

Ahem. I'm R.M. Lutz--or Meg, if R.M.'s too mysterious--and I guess you could say I'm responsible for the odd blog that is The Book Hound.

I've loved reading since I was young, when I discovered that I could read more than one chapter out of my Star Wars: Jedi Quest books if I read them on my own, instead of waiting for my dad to read that one coveted chapter per night.

Since then, I've grown to enjoy many types of speculative fiction, from high fantasy to space opera to post-apocalyptic to steampunk.

More than that, I've grown to love Christian speculative fiction, wherein I see the values that shape my life transferred to fiction and where the greatest and truest story of all time echoes within the pages of obscure paperbacks.

Throughout my high school years, several of my friends and I had an unofficial book swap program that allowed us to share our favorite stories with one another. Once I went to college, I found that I had (ever-so-slightly) more time to read, but fewer people to give me book recommendations. I started scouring the internet for books that shared my values and my love of fantastic, otherworldy adventure.

What I discovered was that there were more books that fit those criteria than I had expected, but that relatively few people were talking about them and sharing them.

Thus, my idea for The Book Hound was born. After carefully stocking up book reviews for a month or so, I mustered up the courage to press the "Publish" button for the first time.

One day, I hope to muster the courage to press the "Publish" button on one or more of my own novels, but there's some editing to be done first.

In the meantime, pull up your favorite recliner, hammock, or seat on public transportation, and take a ride with me as I explore speculative fiction from a Christian/Lutheran worldview.

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