Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Fiction Fix: "Spirit Fighter"

Image result for spirit fighterIt seems I survived exams. How about a fun read for today? 

The Short:

Spirit Fighter
Son of Angels, Book 1

By: Jerel Law

5/5 Stars

What: A brother and sister find out that they’re one-quarter angel and that they’re the ones God has chosen to rescue their kidnapped mother.

Recommended to those who like: Middle grade, Christian, Urban Fantasy, Spiritual Warfare

The Long:

I went into this book looking for a brief reprieve after some heavier reading for college. I was pleasantly surprised by how well written it was. While the book is targeted for middle-grade readers (the main characters are in middle school/upper elementary), I think it’s easily enjoyable by adults and teens who are looking for an easy read.

Jonah Stone is your ordinary seventh grader, being picked on by bullies and trying to make the basketball team. But when he learns that he’s one-quarter angel and his mom is kidnapped, will he and his brainiac sister learn to rely on God for protection?

You really have to be looking for a Christian read going into this one; it focuses a lot on the Armor of God, the power of prayer, and spiritual warfare. However, the action is well written and the descriptions of places and creatures are excellent.

If you can’t bring yourself to read this one on your own, find someone you can read it to or with. It’s a nice, lighter read with some deeper spiritual truths in it.

What’s the last middle grade book you read?

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