Friday, October 28, 2016

Sequel Review: "War for the Waking World"

Please check out the reviews of Book 1 and Book 2 first! I've tried to keep this spoiler free, but no guarantees. 
The Short:

War for the Waking World
Dreamtreaders Book 3

By: Wayne Thomas Batson

5/5 Stars

What: With his new Dreamtreading team, Archer must do battle for not only the Dream, but the Waking World as well.

Recommended to those who like: Fantasy, Christian, middle-grade/teen, and have read books 1 and 2

The Long:

To appreciate this book, you really need to read the first two books in the trilogy. Spoilers may lurk for those who have not read the first two books.

The Rift has finally torn into the Waking World, driving the two worlds together. Archer and the other Dreamtreaders must find a way to separate the two before the merger becomes permanent. To do so, they must defeat Kara and the ultimate enemy. But what if Archer’s previous actions have destroyed all hope of victory?

This is a fitting end to a well-thought out series. The themes of spiritual warfare come to a head in this conclusion, leaving the reader with much food for thought. While the ending is satisfying, I think there might be room down the road for a companion series.

The imagery in this book is also fantastic. (Kaylie’s dream creations are quite amusing). While some of the elements of the book may appeal more strongly to younger readers, the mature themes will more than make up for it for older, more serious readers.

Any thoughts? 

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