Friday, December 16, 2016

Sequel Review: "Fusion Fire"

As always, I've striven to keep this review spoiler free for both this book and the original book in the series, Firebird. I'll be back with a fresh series next week!

The Short:

Fusion Fire
The Firebird Trilogy, Book 2

By: Kathy Tyers

5/5 Stars

What: Firebird discovers she’s more powerful than she thought—but can she control that power before it destroys her new life?

Recommended to those who like: Christian Allegory, Sci-fi/space opera

The Long:

Fusion Fire continues shortly after where Firebird left off. Lady Firebird discovers that she has powers that make her valuable to multiple groups. Soon, they’re vying over the right to have her—but only if she can control her power long enough to keep it from destroying her or Brennen.

Like the first book, Fusion Fire is filled with epic action of the space-opera variety. I found the plot a bit easier to hop on board with, largely because I was excited to be re-united with the characters. Firebird undergoes some serious personal growth, which I enjoyed following. Brennen also becomes a much more relatable figure and we’re able to learn more about some of the minor characters.

I really have to congratulate Ms. Tyers on finding a great balance between the plot and faith. The discussion of faith within this book is marvelously executed without coming across as preachy. Firebird struggles with the same questions as many believers. Her struggles draw the reader in with their complexity, rather than feeling contrived or shallow.

The Bottom Line: Fusion Fire is a good follow-up to Firebird and continues to build on its strengths. Overall, I’d recommend the series to fans of space opera with a Christian flavor.                             
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