Friday, July 28, 2017

Hound Dog Harmonies: "This My Soul"

The Short: 

Song: "This My Soul" 

Artist: The Gray Havens

Album: Ghost of a King

Genre: Folk/ Pop

Listening Suggestion: A relaxing evening on the porch with tea or hot chocolate 

Christian Author Listener(s): Nadine Brandes

Selected Lyrics:

I would really suggest that  you go read the lyrics in their entirety by clicking on this link. However, here are some excerpts:

...The form took its shape as a garden was born.
Then man from the dust came reflecting 
All goodness and beauty and life,
But he lowered his gaze
As he listened to the face of low desires.

...What this man has done,
it all extends to you...

The voice came and swords blocked the garden.
None could return with their lives.
A curse there was placed upon every man to face
For all of time...

Then the perfect son of man
Took the place the voice had planned
Since the garden and before
He took the swords and cursed the grave...

...What this man has done,
It all extends to you...

You can check out the song on YouTube or your other favorite outlet.

The Long: 

Ms. Brandes recently discovered this song and shared it on her Facebook page. I was intrigued at first, then hooked once I read the lyrics to many of the band's songs. In addition to having some thought provoking lyrics with interesting twists, they also make references to The Chronicles of Narnia. Furthermore, I suspect that their band name is a salute to The Lord of the Rings. What's not to love?

I chose to review the song that initially got me hooked on the Gray Havens, "This My Soul", because of its unique perspective on the fall and redemption of mankind. I absolutely loved how it tied in the fall, the curse, and redemption into one song with similar imagery. 

The chorus, which largely hinges on the phrase "What this man has done, it all extends to you", reminds me of Romans 5: 18. The ESV reads: "Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men."

Yet, in spite of telling the story of salvation, this song doesn't come across as preachy or contrived--it merely presents a good story that is reflective of the larger truth, much as a good fantasy allegory might. I wouldn't pick it for worship, but it makes a good song to listen to while cooking or just chilling in the evening. 

The sound of this band is a little bit more "folksy" or "pop" sounding than I typically go for, but it does make for a nice blend. 

What's your favorite music genre?


  1. GAH I LOVE THIS BAND SOOOO MUCH!!!! I got into it from "Silver" but I love a bunch of their other songs as well, it's all just so calm and relaxing and soul-filling. "Band of Gold" is another favourite of mine.

    1. I've gotten hooked on a lot of their songs! "Silver" is a really good one--I love the references in it to Chronicles of Narnia. Thanks for the comment!


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