Friday, March 18, 2016

Sequel Review: "Third Starlighter"

I would highly recommend reading Masters and Slayers prior to picking up this book. I've tried to make this review spoiler-free in regards to Book 1, but no guarantees. 

The Short:

Third Starlighter
Tales of Starlight, Book 2

By: Bryan Davis

4/5 Stars

What: Adrian must find a way to reunite Marcelle’s spirit with her body while she works in spirit form to rally troops to rescue the human slaves.

Recommended to those who like: Fantasy, Christian, Dragons, and have read the first book.

The Long:

While I enjoyed many aspects of this book, I also had a few issues with it. I haven’t read anything else in this series for quite some time and it was difficult to hop back in. I think I could have used a summary at the start of the book.

This book has a fair amount of romance in it and deals with having a “Christian” relationship (the story’s an allegory, so it isn’t “Christian” in the strictest sense). It can sometimes come across as a little on the preachy side, so that’s something to take into consideration with this series.

I really enjoyed the action involved in this story. It isn’t as intense as some of Mr. Davis’ other books, but there’s still plenty of action to keep you hooked. Like many sequels, it feels more like we’re building up to some key moment than the events themselves having extreme importance. 

One of the parts about this book I liked the most is the moral dilemmas that the characters must face. I think that we’ll see some more of them in the next book and I look forward to that. The book definitely provides some good food for thought. 

 I think the next book should pick up the pace a little bit and I look forward to reading it.

What’s your favorite dragon book? 

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