Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring Book Release Season

It's that time again--book release season! Granted, I shouldn't be looking; I'm still working through a few of the books I got for Christmas. However, it's still exciting to look! Below, I'll highlight a few books that look interesting to me that are supposed to be released soon.

Bethany House Publishing

King's Folly
Jill Williamson

The print book edition of the combined three e-book parts will be released in April! You can read my review of Darkness Reigns, the first third of the book, here. In spite of intending to wait to read the rest of the book until it came out in paperback, I caved and I've been following the e-book releases.

Enclave Publishing

Morgan L. Busse

I'm normally not one for steam punk (I think that's the category this falls into? It's listed as sci-fi. I'm really not sure). However, it looks really intriguing. Apparently, the main character has this condition where part of her soul dies every time she uses her new
found magical powers.

Edge of Oblivion
Joshua A. Johnston

As part of the blog, I'm trying to extend beyond my normal Fantasy comfort zone. This book looks like it'll have a Star Wars-y feel to it and possibly some good space battles.


Isle of Stars
Wayne Thomas Batson

He's a new face in the self-publishing arena, but he's definitely not a new writer. Isle of Stars released on March 4th for Kindle only (so far). This is book 3 in his pirate series. (Check out my review of book one here). I look forward to seeing how his change in publishing style goes. The book is free through today (March 8th), so spring on it while you have the chance!

Did I miss anything? What books look good to you? 

If you're looking for some recent releases in the Christian spec fic realm, check out my Fall Release Article. 


  1. Tainted looks excellent. I haven't read much steampunk but from the few books I have read I'd like to read more.

    1. I'm really intrigued by the premise of that one. It's definitely going on the first-to-buy list. I think it comes out in April, so I might pre-order it. Thanks for the comment!


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