Friday, June 17, 2016

Sequel Review: "The Superlative Stream"

I would recommend reading A Star Curiously Singing before reading this book. However, this review should be spoiler-free. 

The Short:

The Superlative Stream
The Darktrench Saga, Book 2

By: Kerry Nietz

5/5 Stars

What: SandFly and HardCandy encounter a mysterious planet. Could it hold the answers to the Superlative Stream and A-not-A-cubed?

Recommended to those who like: Sci-fi, Christian, Sarcasm/wit, and have read book 1.

The Long:

I finally got back around to this series! SandFly’s wit was just what I needed.

I would strongly recommend reading A Star Curiously Singing prior to picking up this book. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve read the first book, don’t be afraid to jump right into this one. Mr. Nietz does a good job catching you back up on what's happened previously. 

SandFly and HardCandy finally reach the Betelgeuse system, only to find a mysterious planet and no sign of the Superlative Stream. Are the planet’s inhabitants the key to finding A~A^3 or is there something darker afoot? And what connects the two debuggers’ pasts?

This is an excellent follow-up to A Star Curiously Singing. The same humor mixed wonderfully with the darker themes of the book for a well-balanced read. I loved getting to learn more about HardCandy. She's quickly becoming a favorite character. The Christian theme is strong again, but it’s well executed.

I’ll definitely be picking up Freeheads when I get some down time.

Have you read any good sci-fi lately? 

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! And I have to comment on that absolutely gorgeous cover there. I haven't read much sci-fi, but I'm in the middle of the His Dark Materials trilogy (the movie is The Golden Compass) and it's good to read a real fantasy after a couple of contemporaries.

    1. There is something nice about a "genuine" fantasy book.

      This is definitely a remade cover that I prefer to the original. Enclave (the publisher) has been doing a really excellent job with their cover designs recently, which is good to see.

      Thanks for the comment!


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