Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Fiction Fix: The Collar and the Cavvarach

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The Short:The Collar and the Cavvarach
Krillonian Chronicles, Book 1

By: Annie Douglass Lima

5/5 Stars

What: A slave in the future realizes his only hope of freeing his sister is to become the best martial artist in the empire.

Recommended to those who like: Clean, Teen, Sword Fights, Dystopian, Moral Dilemmas.

The Long:

I really have to applaud the originality of this book. The elements themselves aren't terribly original--a search for freedom, gladiator-style fighting, slavery, futuristic dystopia--but they're mashed together into a refreshing world. 

Bensin is a young slave looking for a way to free his little sister. He's seen the way girls in slavery are treated--and it's even worse than his own fate to wear used sneakers and be whipped whenever his master is displeased. When he's sold and  they're separated, the rush is on to free her before anything terrible can happen. His skill with a blade might be the one thing that can free both of them. 

I loved Bensin as a character. He's certainly got his own problems, but he's also a person I could look up to. His love for his sister is inspiring. 

The action is tense, involving street fighting as well as martial arts tournaments. 

The story raises some moral dilemmas involving honesty and owning slaves. I found myself stopping to think at various points, wondering what I would do if put in the same situation. 

The book would be appropriate for teens and up. The writing style is simple and straightforward and the content matter is clean. Adults may find the writing style a little too simplistic at times or find the plot predictable in some parts. However, I would still say it's something anyone could enjoy.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend The Collar and the Cavvarach to teens and up who are looking for a fresh story involving martial arts in a dystopian setting. 

What was the last book you read that blurred the lines between genres or combined common elements into something new?


  1. A futuristic dystopia with slavery and gladiator-style fighting? That does sound unique!

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    1. I was really impressed. I found it on sale a month or two ago. An author I enjoy had recommended it on her blog a while back, so I gave it a try. My only regret is that I let it sit on my Kindle for a month because I didn't think I was going to like it. I was certainly surprised in a good way!

      Perhaps gladiator style isn't quite the right way to describe it, but it's what it reminded me of. It's not to the death, at least at this point (I think the next book is going there).

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Replies
    1. Give it a whirl if you've got time. I enjoyed it, personally. (Then again, I'm not the pickiest reader in the whole wide world.)

      Thanks for the comment! And if you ever have any book recommendations, let me know! :)

  3. Dystopian martial arts? I'll totally have to pick this up, even though I'm not a huge fan of slavery stories.

    1. I'm typically not, either. But it's a different feel in this book compared to your "normal" slavery book. Let me know what you think! Thanks for the comment!


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