Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Fiction Fix: "Failstate"

The Short:


By: John Otte

4.5/5 Stars

What: A teenaged superhero wants nothing more than to win his vigilante license—but then things start going horribly wrong.

Recommended to those who like: Christian, superheroes, teen

The Long:

I wasn’t sure that I’d like this book when I picked up the ebook for free, but it was a pleasant surprise. It had a nice blend of (often corny) superhero action combined with serious themes. 

Failstate is a contestant on America’s Next Superhero. His goal? To win his vigilante license so that he’ll have fewer restrictions on his nightly escapades to protect his city. But when his problems suddenly become much larger than being overshadowed by his brother and being permanently single, will he be able to overcome his own problems to solve the city’s issues?

I’ve never read a Christian superhero book. It was…different. I wish the author would have answered a few more questions about the world our characters live in, but the worldbuilding was strong overall. Sometimes the Christian message came across a little too strongly, so that’s something to consider while deciding if this book might be for you.

The superhero action was good. I’ve never read a book based on superheroes, so it was interesting to see how the author adapted action designed for the big screen and comic books into print. I also liked that most of the powers demonstrated by our heroes were original to one degree or another.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this book to those interested in a Christian message with a dash of mystery and lots of superhero action.


  1. *screams* I NEED TO READ THIS. *runs off to grab it* I am, in case you haven't noticed, a huge fan of superheroes and this looks amazing. Thank you so much for reviewing it!

    1. You, a superhero fan? *Gasps*. Next thing you know, I'll come out as someone who (whispers) *doesn't like romance*.

      I hope you enjoy! Since you're more of the superhero person than me, you'll have to let me know what you think. It's not perfect, but it was enjoyable.

      Thanks for the comment!


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