Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Author Interview with Emma Carrie

Emma Carrie is a speculative fiction author and opportunist. She’s explored an active coal mine, fired a Gatling gun from a Humvee, examined chromosomes with a scanning electron microscope, hitched a ride in a corporate jet, and wiped out on stage while modeling. Fun moments like those fuel her stories.
Emma loves quirky characters who are driven by unconquerable determination—the encouragement she hopes readers take from her stories.

I see you're independently published. What made you choose that route of publication? What makes it difficult?

I chose indie publishing for two reasons: (1) flexibility and (2) adventure. As an indie publisher I have freedom to manage all aspects of my book, from title and storyline to cover design and pricing points. If I choose poorly, I can correct it. For me, indie publishing is an adventure. I’ve spent years growing as a writer, and I expect that will continue. Now I’m discovering how to market. Each piece is a new opportunity to grow.

Indie publishing is difficult because I started with zero connections. I didn’t know anyone in the publishing business. I didn’t have critique partners or beta readers. I didn’t know any editors or reviewers. I had no fans. It takes time, but I’ve been meeting people all along the way, and I’m enjoying it.

The first book in The Tacket Secret.
Check back on Friday for a review!

What's the most difficult part of the writing or publishing process for you? How do you work through it?

I’m not sure it’s the most difficult part of the process, but a significant challenge has been balancing writing and marketing. I spent years focused solely on writing, and the result is that I have two drafted series. The Tacket Secret is almost completely edited and The Rebel Mission has begun.

Now I’ve turned my attention to marketing, and I’ll go days without writing new fiction. Ideas are log jamming in my imagination. But because I’ve got books almost ready for publication, I’ll focus on marketing for now. Meanwhile, I’ll outline new ideas and scenes for new books until I have more time for writing. Then I’ll flesh those out.

How would you say that your faith influences your writing?

My faith is the reason I write. For years, I’ve written outreach Bible studies, newsletter articles, and discussion questions for my church’s women’s ministries. I love communicating gospel truth, offering eternal life, to others. Fiction also has the power to communicate the hope of Jesus Christ, and I wanted to learn how to do that—particularly for my kids and their friends. However, in a young adult fiction context, a subtle message is more effective, and I’m learning how to do that.

You have a background in engineering. How has that influenced your writing?

Engineering has provided experiences like working for military contractors and experimenting in laboratories that influence the science fiction pieces of my stories. However, engineering’s bigger impact is that I write systematically: outline, first draft, check for logical storyline, check for complete character arc, etc.

Finally, if you were to find yourself in a back alley in the middle of the night and felt like you were being watched, what book character would you summon to help you and why?

Harry Potter. He could share his invisibility cloak, and we could get the drop on whoever was spying on me. Maybe then we could use the wand. That would be fun.

Thanks for taking the time for an interview!

Don't forget to check out Emma's author website.

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