Friday, February 17, 2017

Flashback Friday: Archive Spotlight

Hey, guys. I'm a bit behind on reading at the moment (other than textbooks), so there will be no Friday Fiction Fix today. May I suggest some of the following books from the archives that you may have missed?


Swipe, by Evan Angler: At the age of 13, residents of the American Union are allowed to become citizens, if they pledge allegiance to the government by being Marked by a tattoo. 12 year old Logan Langly dreads the day of his pledge and suspects he’s being followed by a dangerous criminal.


A Star Curiously Singing, by Kerry Nietz: In the future, slaves are termed “debuggers” and planted with a chip in their heads that allows them to manipulate and repair the world’s technology.


The Restorer, by Sharon Hinck: A frazzled housewife finds herself sucked into another world that is startling familiar and yet altogether different.


  1. Good luck with your studying! And thanks for the old recs :)

    1. Thanks! I figured it would be nicer to pull some stuff out of the archives than not to post at all.


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