Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Fiction Fix: "Prophet"

The Short:

Books of the Infinite #1

By: R. J. Larson

4.5/5 Stars

What: A young woman is chosen to be a prophet—the only problem is, all true prophets die young.

Recommended to those who like: Fantasy, Christian, Allegory

The Long:
Ela is chosen by the Infinite to become his prophet. Yet, no girl has ever been chosen for such a position, and certainly never one so young. In spite of her fears, she follows His call to Istgard, a foreign land that has brought the Infinite’s wrath upon themselves. Will she be able to speak His words to encourage them to return to Him?

This book definitely took a different perspective on allegory from many Christian books. It approaches the subject from an Old Testament viewpoint and examines what prophethood would have been like.

The will be a bit heavy on its message for many readers; however, I thought that the exploration of God’s wrath was an interesting angle to take. It’s certainly not a subject that I would feel comfortable trying to write about and trying to address, but Ms. Larson does an excellent job of discussing the issue at length through this story.

The action of the story was well-written, but I had some difficulty connecting to the characters. I can’t really put my finger on why, and it might just be due to how long it took me to read the story.

The Bottom Line: A strong allegory that doesn’t hesitate to take on difficult issues, this fantasy story would be best suited to readers who enjoy a stronger message.                                                                    

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