Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Update


As you've likely gathered from the sporadic posts over the past few months, life's been a little crazy lately. Fortunately, it should be re-settling into a routine here soon. (Yay!) I have a real, adult job lined up and I'm ready to tackle the next part of life while also continuing to write. Thanks for your prayers over the past few weeks.


Ahem. I haven't written or edited anything since February, but that was just last week, right? No big deal.

Oops. It's almost May.

Obviously, that means I haven't been participating in Camp NaNo. However, once I regroup, I'll be tackling my re-edits of Crossroads and Crossfire. (Yes, I know I've been working on them forever. Yes, I'm trying to get them published eventually. Yes, I know I should work on some other project at some point so you don't have to put up with me moaning about editing on a regular basis).

The Blog:

The blog will likely be staying the same for the forseeable future, with the noted exception being the second blogiversary at the end of May!

Also, if you want to get out your binoculars and gaze at the distant horizon, there will be guest posting opportunities coming up in a few months for multiple weeks in a row. Use the contact form to tell me about your great idea(s)!

That's about it! There will be a Friday Fiction Fix this week, along with a (better) Tuesday post next week.


  1. I'm so glad your life is moving forwards! It sounds like this is a super exciting time for you and I can't wait to see where you go from here :D


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