Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Fiction Fix: "The Emerald Enigma"

The Short:

The Emerald Enigma
Space Drifters #1

By: Paul Regnier

4/5 Stars

What: A crew of misfits strives to find the ultimate good-luck charm while not getting their brains blown out.

Recommended to those who like: Sci-fi, lightly Christian, humor

The Long:

I picked up this ebook on sale after having it on my to-read list for some time. When I cracked it open (can you crack open an ebook? Powered up the screen?), I couldn’t have even told you anything about it, other than that it was sci-fi something or other.

What followed turned out to be a pleasant, humorous sci-fi story with a quick pace. Captain Starcrost is a swashbuckling, underdog starship captain who quickly learns to regret his decision to wear pajama pants to the bridge. His first mate is a pacifistic, all-too logical Vythian named Blix, who offsets him quite nicely as they attempt to avoid the bounty placed on their heads. Add into the mix a moody computer and several other colorful characters and you end up with a fun, lighthearted read with a nice touch of Christianity thrown in—without being obnoxious. This is something easily recommendable to non-Christians, at least at this point in the series (based on the ending, the tone may change a bit in upcoming books).

I just can’t seem to get into humorous books as much as I can with movies, and I think that’s why I didn’t care for this book as much as some others I’ve read. If it had been on screen, I probably would’ve laughed my socks off. If you’ve watched/read several sci-fi books, you’ll likely also pick up on some hidden gems in the book.

The Bottom Line: A great, humorous sci-fi read suited for pretty much any reader.

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