Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Printed Books vs. Electronic Books

You know that smell when you walk into a book store? 

How about the smell of the internet?

You can guess which of the above smells better (unless maybe the Internet smells like roses—perhaps my nose just isn’t good enough).

With the advent of e-readers, many readers are shifting away from paper books to electronic ones. E-books are cheaper, don’t wear out, and are often on sale. With a click of a button and an internet connection, new purchases are available in seconds. And, with the advent of better readers that reduce glare and eye fatigue, more are considering switching over.

However, there’s still something about holding a book in the palm of your hand, the smell of unread pages, and perusing the aisles at a local book store. (Not to mention the battery doesn't die in the midst of a sword fight). 

Personally, I like to support local book stores as much as possible--but I also enjoy the flexibility of just carrying my e-reader with me when I travel. It takes up less space than four thick volumes. About half of the book reviews you see on this site come from paper books; the other half are ones I got as bargains electronically (a book a week at full price would blow my college budget...see last week's quote  for more on that).

Which do you prefer, and why?

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