Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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This past week has been interesting. School's been time consuming and my new found social life likes to take large chunks of time for itself without sharing nicely with other parts that need a little TLC. One aspect of time that's been bullied of late is my writing time. It's been difficult to sit myself down at the computer and write.

From here.

This quote has been a source of inspiration for me. Fractures, my fantasy novel, has been...misbehaving. I'm right around the climax and my characters haven't changed. The action isn't snappy. And I'm not quite sure if I preserved the real "reason" behind the story or if it just became a meaningless blob of words.

It can be difficult to settle in and write when a work feels like that.

However, I've dutifully sat myself down and worked on it. Granted, it's been easier some days than others. (All of your work for the day being deleted right before you save it is not fun. Stupid computers. I'm tempted to invest in a typewriter.)

I'm also dreading reopening Crossfire, though I know I'll feel better once I do. It's supposed to be my "reward" for finishing Fractures, but it isn't feeling very much like a reward right now.

Anyhow, if Frodo can get the ring to Mount Doom, I can write a novel. At least, that's what I tell myself.

Do you ever have trouble convincing yourself to write? 
Next week, I'll be turning my focus back to Fractures and the "We Write Books" Challenge. 


  1. *high fives for LOTR*

    First of all, I congratulate you on having a social life, because that's awesome. Second of all, good luck with Fractures!! I'm sure it'll turn out amazingly because you write awesome books :)

    1. Thanks! I just realized that's a typo in the last sentence...I meant to say "Crossfire". (Wow...even proofread that article twice. My brain is dead).

      I shelved "Fractures" for the time being after writing out skeletons of the last five scenes or so. I'm toying with a few of the characters and a couple major plot lines, but that would completely change my climax, so I think I'll save that for my rewrite. If I decide not to make the changes, I have a really good idea of where I intended to go with it. If I decide to change things, I haven't lost a lot of time on a plot bunny.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Oh my goodness, that line about Frodo has got to be the best motivational quote of all time. *takes notes*

    I feel your pain. My schedule has been weird lately--but for different reasons. And my novel has been misbehaving a lot. Well, actually, my brain, not my novel. But it's easier to blame my novel. :P

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I hope editing/writing starts going a little more smoothly for you.

    1. Thanks! Planning has been treating me pretty well so far, so I hope it continues in a similar manner. And isn't it always easier to blame the book, rather than your brain? Clearly, that means it's always the book's fault.


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