Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We Write Books Introduction Post

You might have noticed that I had a poll set up asking about interest in a writing challenge. (Thank you to the person who voted!) I was originally planning on doing a daily writing goal type challenge, but a different opportunity presented itself and I thought that it would be awesome to participate.

If you've followed the blog for very long, you know that I'm a bit obsessed with "Go Teen Writers". I credit that blog and my 8th grade English teacher for convincing me to keep writing.

The We Write Books (I don't do hashtags.) challenge is a way of walking through brainstorming, writing, and editing an entire novel with a group of other young writers. At the end, Ms. Williamson and the others over at GTW are going to have a contest for writers up to age 21. It's a bit slower pace than NaNoWriMo.

I'm currently finishing up writing my rough draft of Fractures and my focus is starting to shift to what project I want to tackle next. As much as I really want to write the cool sci-fi idea I have floating around in my head, I really need to return to my dystopian novels. They've been sitting on the shelf for a few months.

Yes, it's time to dust off Crossfire and re-write it. I'm not going to lie--I'm a little terrified. I love this story and I want to make sure it's told well. I've decided that I'm going to plot using the Snowflake Method all the way through and not skimp out on plotting time, even though it might be tempting.

I'd like to invite all of you to join me in this endeavor. My writing process posts will include updates on the challenge. As always, I'd love to hear how your writing is going!


  1. I think the reason why more people didn't vote was because the poll was a little hard to see and I only saw it by pure chance. Maybe next time you did a poll, you could mentioned it in a post to draw more attention to it?

    Anyways, this is so exciting! I'm so glad you're going to still work on Crossfire and make it shine :) I'm sure it'll be fantastic when it's finished and I'm excited to hear all about it. (I'd also love to hear more about Fractures because it sounds super interesting. (I also love how you pretty much only have one word titles while I, on the other hand, write a book in itself for the title.))

    Hmmm, my writing. Well, at the moment I'm querying Zoe+Death, BFFs and rewriting Formulas, my fantasy MS. (Which is fun because I have to try to get in the head of a 1000-year-old vegetarian dragon who's afraid of himself, a psychotic princess and a prince with morality issues. *sighs*) But it's fun.

    (Also/finally) I don't do hashtags, either. I just don't understand it and maybe it's because I don't do Twitter? Anywho.

    1. Thanks for the feedback on the poll! I'll keep that in mind next time.

      It sounds like you're pretty busy with writing. I'm really intrigued by Formulas.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. :P I probably won't be participating in that specific writing challenge, if I understand it correctly. But I will be working alongside you all because I'll be madly editing my various novels, and I do have to draft a villain prequel, so I can understand the villains in my trilogy better, but I won't be editing that specific draft this year, I don't think.

    Anyway, good luck with all your writing! And I look forward to reading your writing updates! :)

    1. That's still cool! Happy editing and thanks for the comment!


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