Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Fiction Fix: "The Maze Runner"

The Short:

The Maze Runner

By: James Dashner

5/5 Stars and on the Favorites Shelf

What: A boy arrives in a strange world with no idea who he is.

Recommended to those who like: Dystopian, teen, fast-paced

The Long:

This was the first book I binge-read in a while. Man, was I glad that I started it on a weekend rather than a weeknight. It was hard to put it down!

Thomas arrives to the Glade in the Box, just like all the other boys who had arrived before him. Like the others, he has no memory of who he was before, other than his name.

The Glade is surrounded by the Maze, a strange place populated with murderous, beastly machines. Thomas feels certain he is destined to be a runner—one of the few who dodge danger in the Maze in an attempt to find the way out and home.

The plot was jam-packed with action and adventure. Although dystopian adventures have seen immense popularity over the past few years, I found that this one had a fresh flavor to it. The plot twist at the end makes me want to rush to the store to pick up the next in the series.

I found the characters loveable and considerably less whiny than most teen protagonists. (Yay!) There’s definitely room for more character development in the next installation and I look forward to seeing how the characters grow.

The book is very clean, but I would recommend it to teens and up for the grimness of the story. 

The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend this action-packed story to teens and up who enjoy dystopian-style novels.
Has anyone seen the movie? Should I watch it?


  1. The movie isn't bad and decently follows the book. However I think the books quickly collapse as the author doesn't know what to do with the story and world he has created.

    1. It's a bummer that the books fall apart going forward, but at least I might have the movie to look forward to.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! I've read the whole trilogy and the prequel, just have to get to the companion novel now. SO GOOD. I didn't like the second movie but the first one was really decent. I just have a lot of fangirl feelings for these books :D

    1. Fangirling is totally okay. :)

      I just finished The Scorch Trials. Although I didn't like it as much as the first book, I still thought it was good. It'll probably be a while before I get around to the third one, but I'll be sure to keep you posted.

      Thanks for the comment!


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