Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Before the Book

Have you ever thought of what life was like before you met your favorite book? (And by favorite book, I mean "one of your favorite books", because we all know it's nearly impossible to choose).

What was your life missing that you didn't even know it was missing? Was it a character you could associate with? A saying about life? The knowledge and deep-down belief that good will prevail in the end?

What if that book had never been written? What if you had never found it? Would you have grown less? Been more empty?

How did the book make you grow? What did you find or discover about yourself or the world around you?

The greatest books and literature touch us to the heart. They inspire us, renew us, and drive us to new heights of knowledge, new depths of compassion, and farther breadths of thought.

Ultimately, they bring us closer to the Truth. They resound with the universal truth of the universe, of a Creator and His Son, of our fall and our redemption. They might not speak to it directly, but like ripples in a pond, they point us there.

So here's a salute to good literature. Whether that's what you're reading or what you're writing, may it ever bring you closer to the Master Storyteller.

What's your favorite book? How did it change you?

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