Friday, May 19, 2017

Sequel Review: "Freeheads"

The Short:

The DarkTrench Saga #3

By: Kerry Nietz

5/5 Stars

What: SandFly and HardCandy return to Earth, only to find that it’s nothing like it was when they left.

Recommended to those who like: Christian, dystopian, sci-fi

The Long:

I’m incredibly happy that I finally got around to finishing this series. The ending did not disappoint, but continued to build on previous characters while also introducing higher stakes, new concepts, and fresh faces.

SandFly and HardCandy return to Earth, only to find that the entire system has changed. Will their newfound faith be enough to pull things through? Or will they be left behind as outdated and malfunctioning?

This was a fitting end to a great series. The worldbuilding was fresh in each novel—no small feat. And while faith definitely took a bigger role in this volume, it wasn’t overdone or forced. Also, though God takes an active role in the story, there really isn’t the feeling that He’s fixing everything without letting the characters do the groundwork first. That’s another great accomplishment.

Overall, a job well done on this series. I may have to look into picking up the companion series soon!

The Bottom Line: Freeheads is a fitting end to the DarkTrench Saga, a series I would recommend to teens and up who are fans of
Christian science fiction.                                                                    

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