Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blogiversary Bone 2017: Science Fiction

The Sci-fi category was a little lean this year on fresh Christian series (though I did read a lot of sequels). I'll be looking to remedy that next year for sure! Here are my top picks for the sci-fi Blogiversary Bone. Remember, books must be standalone/first in the series, received a rating of 4 stars or above, and be distinctly Christian in order to qualify. Due to the limited field this year, I used the term "sci-fi" loosely. 

Third Place: The Emerald Enigma, by Paul Regnier

Captain Starcrost and his crew of misfits are on a quest to find a legendary treasure--er, well, good luck charm. But when enemies from his past place a bounty on his head, he and his crew have to focus more no not getting their brains blown out than reaching the treasure. 

This book is the quintessential humorous sci-fi story. It probably would have made me laugh my socks off on-screen. As it was, it was a pleasant read that earned an honorable four stars, and a solid seat in the top three (even if the field had been larger, I likely would have still ranked this book highly). 

Second Place: Failstateby John Otte

A teenage superhero wants nothing more than to get his vigilante license, which would remove some of the restrictions on his nightly escapades. But to do so, he'll have to defeat nearly a dozen other superheroes--including his own brother--on a gameshow. 

Full of wit and action, this sci-fi/superhero novel made for a fun and fast read. It has all the charm of your favorite superhero movie, plus a side of Christianity that wasn't overwhelming. The idea was original and I loved many of the characters. 

Winner of the 2017 Blogiversary Bone for Science Fiction:

Out of the Shadows, by Emma Carrie

A genetically engineered teen assassin is placed up for adoption. But will her handler find her, endangering her newfound family? And how does her faith play a role?

While I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review, it still rose to the top of the list. Although the sci-fi elements have only been hinted at so far, there's definitely some good futuristic action coming down the pipe. Good pacing and suspense, along with intriguing characters, made for a good read. 

You can also check out my interview with Ms. Carrie here

Honorable Mention:

-Ctrl Alt Revolt! by Nick Cole. Artificial intelligence decides to take over the world. Humans are so engrossed in virtual reality, they probably won't notice anyways. (Please note: brief language, otherwise clean). 

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