Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Guide to Being an Adult who Writes

Folks, I am nearly an officially independent adult. I'm working, living on my own, cooking my own meals, and will soon be paying my own bills. For the most part, I'm handling it well. (Other than nearly getting stuck in the parking garage after work yesterday because I couldn't properly work an ATM. That was embarrassing.)

So, in my vast wisdom of having two and a half weeks of working under my belt, I present to you my guide to being an adult who writes.

  1. You probably don't feel like you have time to write. Old news, right? When has this ever not been the case? Unfortunately, you can't speed up the time clock like you can homework. Also, laundry will not do itself. Nor will the dishes. Nor will supper, and eating out is expensive. (And yes, you'll likely still feel like a broke college student. Sorry to burst your bubble.). Write anyways. 
  2. You probably don't feel like you have energy to write. 11 hour days are long. Especially if you stand for 8 of those hours, and only get ten minutes for a lunchbreak. You probably won't want to write when you get home. Write anyways. 
  3. You probably feel like a dork for writing. You've been working on projects for years. Saying you're going to get published. Saying that spending hours editing and rewriting and brainstorming is worth it. You're now an adult. You're now working, paying bills, and doing all the other tiring, time-consuming adult things. You sort of awkwardly avoid questions when people ask you what you do after work. Staring at a screen dreaming about made-up characters seems odd, almost childish. Who would dream of being published? Write anyways. 
If this is still your dream, if you still want to write, do it. You'll face new challenges. Life will put new demands on you and you'll have to adapt. Regardless of what life gives you, write anyways. 


  1. I love your new blog design! (You probably changed it weeks ago, but I've been out of the blogging loop for about two months... sorry!) Also, welcome to adulthood. :)

    1. Only a couple weeks ago, so no worries! Thanks! I'm starting to kind of get the hang of being an adult.

      Thanks for the comment!


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