Saturday, June 24, 2017

Seeking Guest Bloggers

Have you been looking to spread word about your blog? Or are you interested in blogging, but want to give it a try before you commit to running an entire blog on your own?

Or perhaps you just have a speculative movie you want to talk about from a Christian perspective. Maybe you have a book to review, or some music to talk about, or a character to analyze.

Regardless, The Book Hound could use your help!

I'm going to be travelling abroad for three weeks from the end of July into August, and I could really use some help with guest posts while I'm gone!

Articles don't have to be long at all and I'm open to pretty much any idea that fits in with what you've seen on the blog.

If you're at all interested, shoot me an email using the contact form in the sidebar. I'd be more than willing to return the favor in the future if you'd like.

Thanks for considering the opportunity! I'd love to hear your idea(s)!

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