Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Loading up the TBR List

As many of the sites I rely upon for upcoming releases seem to be behind on updates, I've forgone the "new releases" post for a list of books I've stumbled across that have been (relatively) recently released and have piqued my interest. Excerpts/back cover blurbs taken from Goodreads.com. Enjoy!

The Remnant

William Michael Davidson

Released February 2017

Colton Pierce apprehends Abberants--those who display symptoms of faith--and quarantines them on a remote island to ensure public safety. Years prior, the government released a genetically-engineered super flu that destroyed the genes believed to be the biological source of spiritual experience in an effort to rid the world of terrorism. As an extractor with the Center for Theological Control, Colton is dedicated to the cause.

But Colton's steadfast commitment is challenged when he learns his own son has been targeted for extraction. An underground militia, the Remnant, agrees to help Colton save his son in exchange for his assistance with their plan to free the Aberrants on the island.

Harvest of Prey

Alexander Preston

Released October 2016

A team of naturalists find themselves facing a nightmare beyond anything they have ever known - and the product of unspeakable evil. 

Philip Caster, a former Green Beret now working as a zoologist, leads an international team in Indonesia whose revolutionary new program may spell salvation for the endangered Sumatran tiger. They will release six artificially-conceived cubs into the wild, accompanied by their surrogate mothers. The effort will prove the feasibility of in vitro breeding as a new tool against extinction. But its success is overshadowed by the sudden emergence of a horror beyond reckoning. Something has been unleashed in the forests of Sumatra. A life-form never meant to walk the earth. One that claims humanity as its only prey. 

As death unfolds around them, Caster and his circle of friends must uncover the truth behind an abomination: the instrument of dark and all-too-human forces pursuing a twisted ideological vision. Their creation has killed already - and their plans will consume millions more.

Scarlet Moon

S.D. Grimm

Released October 2016

The hunted Feravolk are counting on Jayden, a seventeen-year-old, dagger-wielding, storm-detecting orphan, to save their race. Maybe they should have thought of that before they killed her family.

The land of Soleden is dying because the sorceress queen hunts and kills the people who cared for all nature, the Feravolk. Through their special bond with animals, the Feravolk have become more than men. Faster, stronger, masters of camouflage and stealth. Only a Deliverer born the night of the Blood Moon can save them from extinction.

According to prophecy, Jayden is a Deliverer, but it’s not a destiny she wants. She has no sympathy for either side. The Feravolk killed her family, so they can die for all she cares. And fighting the queen with nothing but daggers and her special abilities—storm predicting—is a suicide mission. Destiny can pick someone else...

What recent releases from this list or elsewhere have caught your eye? 

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  1. Hey RM, I'd love to guest post for you but I'm struggling to post on time on my own blog, I'm super sorry. I hope you enjoy your trip, though! Where are you headed?

    1. No problem! I totally understand. Heaven knows I've been in that spot plenty of times myself this year.

      I'm heading to Germany to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This is my first time out of the U.S., so I'm pretty excited.

      Thanks for the comment! And if you ever need a fill-in over at your blog come September or so, just let me know!

  2. Ooh, Scarlett Moon looks so good! Other releases I'm excited for are Artemis by Andy Weir, The Assassin's Curse by Kevin Sands, and Exiles by Jaye L. Knight.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I didn't even think about Exiles, since it isn't out yet! I'm stoked for that, too.

      I enjoyed the movie adaptation of The Martian, but I haven't gotten around to the book yet. The blurb on Amazon for Artemis looks interesting. You'll have to let me know how it is!

      Thanks for the comment!


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