Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Fiction Fix: "Song of the Ovulum"

The Short:

Song of the Ovulum
Children of the Bard, Book 1

By: Bryan Davis

4/5 Stars

What: Two children from the time of Noah escape the Flood. Were they preserved to save the persecuted dragons-turned-humans of the modern day?

Recommended to those who like: Fantasy/sci-fi, Christian, Complex worlds

The Long:

So, when I was moving my books a few weeks ago, I realized my “most-owned” author is Bryan Davis. I guess I like dragons blended with sci-fi.

Children of the Bard is a companion series that takes place after the more well-known Dragons in our Midst and Oracles of Fire series. You could probably start your Bryan Davis adventure with this book, but I think you’re more likely to enjoy it if you read the other two series first. There are loads of characters in this book, and it’s easier if you already know a few of them.

The worldbuilding in this book is incredibly complex, building off of the world Mr. Davis created previously. While the writing style is your typical teen/upper middle grade style, this is one time where it would be appropriate to compare the complexity of the worldbuilding to Tolkien’s Middle Earth. (Not every Christian fantasy book is like something Tolkien or Lewis wrote. Please, please don’t say that a book is like their writing unless it truly is. And don’t say it’s like both—that tells me nothing. Rant over.)

The plot had some great action, but it felt repetitive at times. Nevertheless, it was fun to read this blend of sci-fi and fantasy and to see how the worlds might collide.

I loved the old characters; however, a lot of the new characters just didn't float my boat. I hope to get to know them a bit better in the next volume. 

The Bottom Line: I would recommend Song of the Ovulum to fans of Bryan Davis who have read both Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire. 

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