Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pastors in Fiction: "The Messengers: Discovered"

Today's Pastor is Zeke from The Messengers: Discovered, by Lisa M. Clark. I've tried to keep this character analysis spoiler-free. There's another spiritual character in the book who I would really love to cover, but I've decided that it would be too spoiler-y to do him. 

Name: Zeke

Book: The Messengers: Discovered. Christian futuristic dystopian.

Role: Supporting Character.

Personality: Eccentric, secretive old man who takes his role as an elder of the underground church quite seriously.

What he brings to the table: Zeke is one of the leaders of the underground church in the story. He serves as one of the primary spiritual advisers to the characters.

Spiritual role: Zeke catechizes one of the main characters and serves as a primary spiritual advisers in the story.

Pastorly/Worship notes: Zeke is the leader of a church in hiding that still clings largely to the traditional/liturgical service.

Ninja Status: Yellow belt. He doesn't have any super awesome skills, but keeping your faith during times of trial is worth some distinction. 

Further Discussion:

I found Zeke to be interesting as a pastor/spiritual figure because of the style of worship he employs. Not very many stories involve a liturgical worship style.

I would have liked to know more about him as a person outside of his pastorhood. What things does he struggle with? How is life different as an underground member of the faith? Why does he believe this crisis for the faithful came about? Demonic attack? The fallen world? Punishment on complacent Christians? What are some moral dilemmas he faces as he leads a double life?

Next week, I'll be looking at Shepherd Book from Firefly. 


  1. Ha, a yellow belt pastor. You make me laugh, that's such a great rating system.

    1. I'm glad you like it :) Thanks for the comment!


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