Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bonus Post: Tag of Randomocity

Well, today I'm trying something new! (Yay for new stuff! Also, terrifying; but that's besides the point). Basically, I was "tagged" by Heather over at Sometimes I'm a Story to do a post on random stuff about myself. (By the way, you should check out her blog. Also, shoutout to her for doing an awesome critique on my WIP a while back).

Blog tags, such as the Tag of Randomocity, are essentially a way to network between bloggers and hook readers up with new blogs that may be of interest of them in a fun manner, which is pretty stinkin' awesome!

For this particular challenge/ tag, you post the button into your post, followed by two truths and a lie about yourself (see if you can guess the lie down in the comments), and then answer the list of random questions that was posted by the previous person. You're then encouraged to pass on the challenge to another blogger.

Let the randomness begin!

First off, two truths and a lie:

  • I was a competitive swimmer for ten years
  • My favorite wild animal is the tiger
  • I love snow and wintertime
Best of luck with guessing!

What is one food that you can (and do) eat mountains of food because you love it so? 

Chocolate. Or taters (PO-TAT-OES; Boil 'em, mash'em, stick 'em in a stew). It's a really a close call between those two, especially if it's dark chocolate or really good mashed potatoes and gravy. I especially love both of those foods when I'm stressed out.

If you were a traveler without roots, would your home be a train car, hot air balloon, a boat, or just a pack on your back? Or maybe another option?

I'd probably pick some form of backpacking. I love tent camping and spending time outside. I would bring my dog along with me; he has a backpack, too. Definitely some books. And my coffeepot for over the fire.

I'd look like Samwise Gamgee with a pony-sized dog. But I'd be happy. And I'd probably eat potatoes for dinner, come to think of it. 

Name a celebrity you wish you could spend one day with.

I don't know about a "celebrity" in the strictest sense. I've always been a little paranoid about these questions because celebrities are only human, after all. What if someone I really liked in their celebrity role turns out to be a jerk?

Anyways, I would probably pick either Aliy Zirkle, Alaskan musher and Iditarod runner-up, or Ed Stielstra, Michigan musher. Also, pretty much any author who writes cool stories. 

What fictional character's house would you like to have as your own?

An interesting question. I don't know about a particular house, but I think Rohan from Lord of the Rings is really pretty. I'm not the most comfortable around horses, but I think I could work on that. 

If you could take a class in anything, what would it be? 

As far as "real life" college classes, I would have really liked to take Europe in the Middle Ages or The American Revolution. (Neither would fit into my schedule, sadly). 

As far as fake classes, I'd love to become a Ranger from the Ranger's Apprentice. (I've already got the coffee-drinking down and I've been shooting a recurve bow for the past year, so maybe I'm well on my way). Or I would become a Jedi. Unfortunately, it's harder to come by real lightsabers than bows and arrows. 

Name a childhood obsession.

Books, Star Wars, dogs, and pigs. Come to think of it, I haven't changed all that much.

What do you think would be an awesome theme for a party?

I can think of a few, but since I have virtually no social life when school is in session, none of them are likely to happen. 

Lord of the Rings--my friends and I sort of did one of these a few years back. We had a LotR marathon and played board games. I would definitely add in Lembas bread and some costumes (though my mom's tacos were also quite the hit, so maybe we shouldn't change that up). 

A Ranger's Apprentice party would also be cool. There would definitely have to be an epic game of hide and seek, coffee, and some archery involved. 

Also, there has to be something really good to do for a Star Wars party. Movie marathons are always nice...and with the new one coming out in December, there might be some potential for that one. *Walks away muttering about costumes*. 

Basically, I'd just enjoy anything with some good friends, good food, board games and something caffeinated (but nothing stronger). 

Have you ever been involved in any clubs or groups?

You're probably learning more about me than you ever wanted to! Yes; marching band and archery to name a couple.

What's something that you have to buy all the time that you wish you didn't have to? (Nothing unique, like movies or books.)

Tennis shoes/ sneakers. The college I attend has a huge campus, so I kill shoes on a regular basis. And good ones that fit my wide, high-arched feet are hard to come by for a reasonable price. 

What park would you choose to visit?

Gosh, there are so many national parks I want to see. Denali is probably my number one pick, closely followed by Yellowstone, Glacier, and Rocky Mountain National Parks. I wouldn't mind going back to the Grand Canyon or seeing the Redwoods out in California. 

They aren't parks in the same sense, but I'm really interested in the American Revolution and have seen very few of the memorials/ battlefields associated with it. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Lexington and Concord, and other similar sites would definitely make my list. 

I don't know many people in the blogging world, but I would like to nominate Victoria J. if she has the time and desire to participate. 

Also, don't forget to guess on which of the three facts at the top is a lie! 

Thanks again to Heather for the nomination and don't forget to stop back in on Friday for a book review!


  1. Aren't bonus posts fun? You get to be so random...

    Gah, that two truths and a lie is so so so hard! And the pressure to get it right! Hmmmm.... I'm going to guess that the swimming one is the lie? No, wait, the tiger, no, uh, um, ok, the swimming one. Final answer. Swimming.

    Ok, random comments - Oooh, you had a LOTR party? I'm so jealous. We tried to have a Star Wars one but we quit halfway through and it ended up taking a whole year to get around to finishing it. Please don't tell me you eat pototoes and chocolate at the same time. And if you do, am I missing out? I'm thinking I need to read Ranger's Apprentice. I've read a few of the Brotherband books, but that's about it, I'm afraid.

    Thanks for nominating me for the tag! It'll be my first tag, I'm very excited. It was great to learn a bit more about you!

    1. The LotR party was a blast! Rarely do I have chocolate and potatoes at the same time (though for the same meal is frequent).

      I also enjoy the Brotherband books. Book 2 is sitting in my to-read pile, but I have to re-read Book 1. I'm really behind on those.

      Thanks for the comment! I'll reveal two truths and a lie tomorrow or later tonight.

  2. Hmm, is the swimming one a lie? I'm going to go with that one.

    I'm right with you on loving potatoes and Star Wars and LOTR. I need a lightsaber, now.

    Thanks for commenting on Out of Coffee, Out of Mind! :)

    1. I also could use a lightsaber (trying to work on a Jedi costume for Halloween; I'll see if I have time).

      Thanks for the comment! I'll reveal the two truths and a lie tomorrow or later tonight (just in case anyone else wants to take a stab at it!)

  3. So, here at last we have the answers to two truths and a lie:
    My favorite wild animal is actually the wolf (followed closely by elephants), not the tiger.
    I really was a swimmer for 10 years (9 years YMCA league, 1 year high school).
    And I LOVE snow.
    Thanks for guessing!

    1. Ah, I was wrong! That's pretty cool, anyways.

  4. Thanks for doing the tag! (And sorry for taking so long to respond; things have been very busy lately :P )

    I love potatoes too! And I also really like the Rohan castle that has a name I cannot remember at this very instant. It felt a lot more real and like home than most fantasy castles you see, you know? AND I WOULD TAKE A RANGER'S APPRENTICE CLASS TOO!

    You have such cool anecdotes to share, so again, thanks for sharing. :) They're quite the repertoire!

    1. Thanks for the tag and the comment! No problem; I think we all get swamped from time to time.


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