Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Fiction Fix: "The Sword"

The Short:

The Sword
(Book 1 of the Chiveis Trilogy)

By: Bryan M. Liftin

5/5 Stars

What: After the world has been virtually destroyed, Christianity has disappeared—until a Bible is found.

Recommended to those who like: Fantasy, sword fights, post-apocalyptic, unique world-building, Christian

Not recommended for those who dislike: Moderate to strong love element, some darker themes

The Long:

Miraculously, I actually found a book in a brick and mortar store this time. I was pleasantly surprised by The Sword. It had good action, a believable love element that didn’t consume the story, and a very unique world.

The known world was destroyed by a combination of acts of terrorism and disease. Now, it has reverted to a system of government and technology that resembles the medieval period—nobility, feudal kingdoms, swords, archery, etc. Outside of these kingdoms, in the Beyond, the remnants of twenty-first century civilization can be seen.

Throughout the story, we follow Captain Teofil, a soldier who teaches when he’s not patrolling the borders of the kingdom of Chiveis; and Anastasia, a young peasant woman who has become weary of the gods of her kingdom.

When they are stranded together in the wilderness, they discover a mysterious book. Will they be able to bring the Good News to Chiveis, or will the High Priestess stop them?

Note to readers: the book does deal with the nature of sexual temptation, though it is handled tactfully and in a Christian manner. Witchcraft/ demon worship is also mentioned as an aspect of worship of the gods of Chiveis. Again, this is handled well and actually adds depth to the story. These elements do make the book better suited to mature young adults and adults rather than younger audiences.

The book captured my attention from page one. While there is a love element to the story, it’s reasonable and doesn’t wipe out the action or other parts of the world building. The characters were flawed, but heroic, loveable and relatable. I look forward to getting the next book soon.

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