Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Fiction Fix: "A Time to Die"

The Short:

A Time to Die
(The Out of Time Series—Book One)

By: Nadine Brandes

5/5 Stars (And possibly going on the favorites shelf).

What: In the future, people are given clocks that tell them the exact time of their deaths. One girl is subjected to banishment, but hopes she can make a difference in the little time she has left.

Recommended to those who like: Christian, dystopian, great world-building, serious themes

The Long:

I really have to tip my hat to Ms. Brandes for this story. It’s excellent, gripping, and dares to deal with a subject that few authors seriously approach—that of death.

Throughout the story, we follow Parvin Blackwater, a girl destined to die at age 18. As she enters her last year on earth, she realizes that she hasn’t done anything that she considers to be worthwhile. She tries to make a difference in the lives of Radicals—those people who don’t have clocks dictating the day of their deaths.

 In her small village, all Radicals are sentenced to banishment through the Wall, a giant structure that divides the former United States in half.

No one knows what lies to the west of the Wall. A turn of events leads Parvin to be banished through the wall herself. Is this what God meant by her making a difference? Or will her numbers zero-out without meaning?

The plot is gripping and fast-paced. Though it’s a longer book, it does make for a fast read due to the action. The characters are flawed, believable, and real. Several plot-twists blindsided me (maybe only one or two of them will get you; I tend to be a gullible reader).

The book does have a strong Christian message, but it doesn’t come across as preachy or contrived. Parvin struggles with her faith, just as all of us do at one time or another.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys serious, dystopian novel and enjoys a Christian message.

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  1. Ok, you had me hooked in the "What:". Plus the cover is gorgeous (and I realize it's a bit shallow of me). I must track this book down... Thanks for a great review!

    1. I think we all judge books by their covers from time to time; and it is a beautiful cover. Since it's from a smaller publisher, you may not be able to find it in a brick-and-mortar store, but I wish you luck! I can hardly wait for book 2 to come out this Fall. Thanks for the comment! I hope that I can find more books that catch people's eyes.


Feel free to share your thoughts below. I reserve the right to remove vulgar, hateful, or rude remarks from the comments. Thanks for sharing!